Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

Knowledgeable – Trustworthy – Cost Effective
Business Partner

No matter your current position on the spectrum of Mobile Imaging needs, we’re here to assist you with:

  • New imaging service startup
  • Weekly route service
  • Interim rental to relieve capacity constraints
  • Interim short-term rental “bridge” while installing a new in-house system
  • General MRI or PET/CT Rental
  • Transportable/Modular system
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: With thirty plus (30+) years of mobile diagnostic imaging service delivery we understand the “business side” of Medical Imaging as well as your “patient’s expectations”.
    TRUSTWORTHY: Delivering systems and credentialed, compassionate personnel on time and on schedule has earned us our business partner’s trust.
    COST EFFECTIVE: We’ll help you analyze your circumstance and design a program (or simply rent a system) that cost-effectively meets your needs with the flexibility to extend or expand for the future.

To learn more about the advantages of outsourcing your diagnostic imaging needs with MRI Mobile, email us at or call us at (208) 947-7000.

  • Expand your Imaging Services without investing millions in Equipment, brick & mortar

  • Answer your growing capacity needs without the personnel or financial headaches

  • Add a revenue generator with significant downstream positive implications for your physicians, patients, hospital or clinic