Equipment & Services

A World-Class MRI or PET/CT facility… To Go!

MRI: Our mobile fleet delivers industry-leading General Electric (1.5T) High Definition, (HD) high-field magnets to medical centers, mid-cap and rural hospitals/ clinics that might not otherwise be able to offer such high-quality MR imaging. In fact, MRI Mobile equipment is newer and more powerful than many in-house, fixed site hospital systems.

Patients and physicians receive the same quality imaging provided at major medical centers without the inconvenience of traveling miles from home.

  • Secure a complete outsource solution for all your MR imaging needs.
  • Provide exceptional, diagnostic-quality imaging services without a major capital expense in a matter of weeks… not months or years.
  • Receive professional support from our start-up team and ARRT-trained technologists, ensuring a transparent relationship between you and your patients.
  • We are keenly aware that our performance at your facility reflects as much on you as it does on us. And we train for it.
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility in your agreement whether you need temporary or long-term MRI service; whether you already offer MRI or not.


For the past Thirty (30) years, MRI Mobile has partnered with hospitals, clinics, and group practices across the Northwest to help them expand their capabilities in the MR imaging arena.

All of our mobile systems are DICOM compatible. We will work with your Information Technology team and your network/PACS administrator to ensure images are delivered to the appropriate area/workstations on your system for rapid interpretation and radiology reporting


IsoScan features the Siemens PET/CT Scanners. These units are capable of a full range of PET/CT applications and provide LSO crystal technology.

The LSO crystal far outperforms BGO technology in the speed of acquisition and decay rates giving higher light output and the highest (NECR) Noise equivalent count rate available. This yields the highest resolution in PET imaging of metabolic and physiologic processes today. Imaging capabilities consist of a multi-LSO-detector ring system performing full-time 3D acquisition and subsequent reconstruction of 47 image planes. Incorporating multi-modality IT technology, the system applies ACPLUS to provide extended CT field of view (FOV) coverage in PET/CT fused imaging. The Siemens system makes it possible to see detailed anatomy and functional

processes at the molecular level through a single noninvasive procedure. With its outstanding acquisition speed (true whole-body scanning in the sub-fifteen-minute range) the system minimizes patient motion and maximizes clinical throughput with improved patient comfort. All this is accomplished while employing 3D imaging to maximize count rate performance by collecting the greatest number of true counts.
Our Startup Teams
After the agreement is finalized, we deploy a “startup” team that will visit your site weeks prior to our first full day of operation. The object of the visit is to ensure greater understanding and communication between your staff and ours. Our team will meet with your designated staff to discuss your current processes. We will then collaborate with you to establish and document agreed on procedures for all aspects of our service to your patients and physicians. By the end of our visit, your staff will be comfortable with what to expect on the initial day of service and beyond. They will be provided with appropriate phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and names of individuals that will have the answers, as well as hard copy of materials for easy reference. In this manner, we ensure that there are “no surprises” and a high confidence factor exists between our organizations starting from day one.




Our business partners can best articulate our “be responsive” attitude and “make it easy” daily philosophy. (See Videos below) We commit to the following tenets as we work with you from our initial meeting to help understand your multifaceted circumstances-Design/plan services and a complete program and then Deliver services to address your needs.


We make it easy for you to:


  • Discuss your wants, needs and vision (we listen well)!
  • Craft an agreement that works for you, short-term or long
  • Increase your services and capacity with your growth
  • Upgrade as your needs expand
  • Move to a Transportable / Modular or Fixed site arrangements
  • Generally, do business with us…” we like easy”!

To learn more about the advantages of outsourcing your diagnostic imaging needs with Mobile PET/CT, email us at or call us at (208) 947-7000.

  • A business partner that understands your situation and responds accordingly

  • A High Field, High Definition MRI addition for a turn-key startup or rapid service expansion

  • Knowledgeable PET/CT Technologists employing LSO crystal technology