Eric Moll – CEO of Mason General Talks About MRI Mobile



 Some of the key elements that we considered when we were selecting an Mri vendor were experience with rural hospitals, experience within the Pacific Northwest, the quality of their equipment and the quality of their staff. MRI Mobile met all of those very well. They had a lot of experience with sister hospitals to us and rural hospitals that we respected. I checked on the quality of their staff, their equipment, everything checked out very well. They really understood the Northwest market and could talk to us about things that we really valued. The flexibility in the agreement terms and working through the contract with MRI Mobile was great. They really were wonderful to work with in terms of the negotiation, in terms of looking at the terms of the agreement, in terms of flexibility around scheduling and the use of their staff versus our staff.

It was a very collaborative process in terms of working out the agreement. They’ve been great to work with as the business has grown because as we’ve needed to expand from a couple of days to three days to four days. They’ve been wonderful to work with in terms of which days we needed them on campus and the hours of operation. They were very flexible in working through that with us as well. And so they’ve been great as we’ve scaled up the number of tests that we’ve needed to do here over the past several years. MRI Mobile (in terms of a bridge to our own system) has been very good because a lot of the PACS technology and you know, our being able to have a very important service like Mri within our community and our ability to fill that gap in care that we currently had.

That gap has been critical. And so, they’ve actually facilitated a very important bridge in that whole care continuum. Now that we’ve been partners for many years, we’ve been very impressed with the people that they’ve had out here. We’ve been impressed with the quality of the equipment and their communication. As they’ve identified issues they have been very proactive in bringing that to our attention well in advance so we can problem solve together. The quality of their leadership team is excellent. So, there are people that you can then work back and forth with as situations arise. And so we’ve always been able to problem solve through issues and that’s a great partner to have.