A valued and trusted partnership



MRI Mobile as a partner has been great to work with. They’ve been able to provide us with a proper equipment that we need to service our patients with minimal notice. The billing is always concise and easy to understand. It arrives promptly and we are able to review the number of scans we’ve done and compare it with our own logs. It makes it very easy to make the invoice payment and take care of the financial aspect in that manner. When working with MRI Mobile, anytime we needed something, I found that they were always quick to respond. They utilize several media aspects, whether it’s telephone or e-mail or even text messaging. If I needed something, I could always text a message or email. Our issues were met promptly. We were able to move trailers to different spots on the property.We were able to get things serviced quickly.

We have extreme weather down here and it affects heating mechanisms or cooling mechanisms. Those items were always serviced promptly. We had minimal downtime andrescheduling of patients. So, MRI Mobile’s flexibility has always been outstanding, in my opinion, anytime we’ve needed to renew a contract or extend a contract or modify a contract, it’s always been a matter of a few phone calls or emails and it was taken care of quickly. There was never an aspect of the service that I was dissatisfied with. I always found the response to be quick and professional and courteous.

I would tell someone that’s interested in renting or engaging a mobile scanner to consider MRI mobile for several reasons. One, they have top notch equipment. At one point we were receiving patient satisfaction letters that we’re pleased with the mobile we were using. It was a newer mobile with a changing room inside and we’ve actually  increased our patient’s satisfaction using that mobile.  I would let people know that your billing will be concise and easy to understand, it comes promptly and can be emailed or faxed to you at your request. So billing becomes hassle-free. And the overall customer service was phenomenal. The response times are always very quick and pleasant and they’re just a joy to work with.