Solving Capacity Needs

Interim Rentals – Transportable – Modulars

Short-term capacity needs

Should your facility be facing constricted capacity needs causing MRI exam scheduling to be pushed out for days or even weeks, we can help.

Capacity Relief: Larger hospitals and clinics generally have at least one (1) high field MRI system in their imaging departments. Many times, these single units provide enough volume capacity for the first few years of their life. However; as the population of an area grows it is not unusual for the MRI schedule to get “backed up” and for patients and physicians to be faced with ten (10) day to two (2) week delays in getting a patient in to be scanned. The facility then begins to think about a multi-million dollar investment for a “perceived urgent need” for an additional magnet. Mobile MRI service is sometimes overlooked as a viable answer to this situation. Mobile systems offer scheduling flexibility on an “as needed” basis.Consider that a weekend one (1) or two (2) day visit from a MRI Mobile can greatly reduce the backlog. No additional staffing from the hospital is needed with a full-service arrangement, and the mobile may even offer newer equipment that is currently

in the fixed site diagnostic imaging department. This is a unique opportunity to “demo” the most current technology at virtually no additional cost to the facility. The CFO / Dir. of Ancillary Services just found a way to keep administration and their physicians and patients happy without expanding the hospital/clinic’s brick and mortar!

Interim rentals: If your exam volume is moving you to consider installing a fixed site system, but the capital or space to expand just isn’t available, we can help. Will strategize with you about your vision for your services and they can recommendation on how we can work with you to reach your goals. Interim short or long-term rentals can be used to:

  • quickly satisfy rising exam volumes
  • continue services as you “upgrade” current fixed site equipment
  • address satellite location expansion to reach more patients
  • “buy time” without ceasing services as a major structural design/expansion begins at your facility forcing a redeployment of existing departmental floorplans
  • and more…

We’ll also work with you on staffing if necessary

Transportable / Modular: These structures can allow additional space to address your needs for “full-time” imaging modalities. Be it new

construction, space constraints, desire for 24-hour service capabilities, imaging suite expansion

etc. Transportable and modular solutions may be a very efficient and cost-effective solution. Many modular structures can be outfitted with exterior designs that mirror your current brick-and-mortar, fitting right into the “look and feel” of your existing facility presence. (examples below).

To learn more about the advantages of outsourcing your

diagnostic imaging needs with Mobile PET/CT, email us at or call us at (208) 947-7000.

  • Physical campus constraints holding you back? We can help!

  • Expanding your Radiology lab – a short-term rental may be in order.

  • Need to prove your business case for a second magnet or a PET/CT system?  We’ll provide the equipment and staff to do it!