VR – The Evolution of Medical Training

For healthcare administrators and personnel that are responsible for adhering to organizational and regulatory standards focused on:

  • Improving overall patient safety and hospital quality standards
  • Standardizing training fundamentals
  • Increasing the quality and frequency of training in a cost effective manner

360immersive can help by integrating our proprietary software into your existing training curriculum or learning management system. We offer full-scale VR production solutions that are combined with your expert role modeling to create a library of custom, immersive training content that models your organization’s best practices. All of our design work and resources are in-house to include live 360-degree VR experiences and computer-generated simulations.

With our custom apps, your staff can train on everything from basic fundamentals of sterilization, to best housekeeping practices, or how to deal with a pediatric trauma patient coming through your doors. All of this can be achieved with very minimal disruption within your organization. Let us help you begin the transition now so you can get back to taking care of what matters most to you and your team!

To learn more about our service offerings, please call (888)843-9580 or email us at info@360immersive.com.

  • It’s not a matter of “if” people will train using VR technology – it’s a matter of “when”.

  • Eliminate variation in your training curriculum using VR.

  • When was the last time your team looked forward to training?  We can help with that!