Virtual Reality Brings Increased Situational Awareness To Law Enforcement Training

Today’s law enforcement personnel are responsible for much more than protecting and maintaining public safety. At any given time, they are expected to administer first aid, know when to apply proper use of force techniques, and seamlessly switch between multiple perspectives from that of a social worker, marriage counselor, and psychologist – just to name a few.
When you look at the traditional training methods officers have at their disposal, it appears that there are significant skills gaps that need to be addressed. This could be due to:

  • Lacking access to proper training due to budget and manpower constraints.
  • Existing curriculum is not realistic and lacks engagement.
  • Loss of retention of key subject matter and objectives.

360 Immersive, LLC can help resolve many of these challenges by integrating our proprietary software apps with your expert role modeling to create a library of custom, immersive training content that models your organization’s best practices.
Partnering together to capture your organization’s policies and standards will help reduce technique variability, minimize ambiguity amongst officers and training staff, and allow personnel to train in a safe environment anytime, anywhere – all in a cost-effective manner.
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  • It’s time to update your traditional training methods.

  • VR is a force multiplier that can reach an unlimited number of people compared to hands-on training.

  • VR is a supplement to hands-on training as an affordable solution that participants can learn skills and pre-train at their own pace and when it is convenient.