Virtual Reality Helps EMS & Fire Teams Stay Current with New Tools and Procedures.

Here are a few statements that your training organization may or may not agree with:

  • Standardized training curriculum (even at the State level) would have a profound impact for all emergency response professionals.
  • As the population increases – similarly does the call volume at the local 911 dispatch center.
  • VR training for minimally competent personnel will increase positive patient outcomes.
  • The ability to practice and then replicate expert modeling of an in-field STEMI procedure would save lives.
  • Death by PowerPoint, sandbox, and tabletop exercises are relatively outdated and ineffective.

The list above supports our passion and the initial purpose for creating our company. We believe all organizations should have the ability to train with custom VR modules that are delivered on a secure, mobile network, and require 30 mins. or less to complete. This approach allows for short tactical experiences that can be integrated into traditional training methods, or used individually as an education “on demand” supplement prior to practicing for and executing a low incident – high risk scenario.
The future state of training will undoubtedly include immersive technology, and we are at the forefront of this movement. We are looking to partner and create content for local, state, federal, and private training organizations that are ready to standardize training best practices, looking for a competitive advantage, or an innovative approach to reducing risk and unnecessary loss of life.
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  • Easy to integrate into existing training processes.

  • Increase program sustainability efforts.

  • Motivate compliance for refresher training.