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Our focus and commitment is to provide exceptional diagnostic imaging along with outstanding and compassionate patient care in the delivery of high field diagnostic imaging.

Since our beginning in the 1980s, our charge has been to contribute to and consistently elevate the standard of diagnostic imaging services in rural and mid-cap hospitals and clinics.Our goal was to allow these facilities to offer a level of care that would give their patients and community the ability to stay with their local providers without compromising the quality of imaging services needed to make accurate and evidence based diagnoses.

Obviously a lofty goal which we pursue employing the highest quality equipment operated by our highly trained and compassionate MRI technologists. We invite you to peruse our website and give us a call to discuss your wants and needs in the area of MRI diagnostic imaging. You'll find that we really do listen and are very flexible in our approach to meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations.

The Great Northwest Region

As a Northwest Region leading MRI provider, we've had the privilege of helping many facilities integrate High Field MRI to their imaging departments. 

Not only do we help them expand their services, but at the same time we've helped many prove their MRI capital equipment business case. Many of our clients go on to purchase their own in-house, fixed site MRI systems.

Many of our engagements start as small as once per week, and then grow to multiple days of MRI Mobile service bringing positive cash flow virtually from day one. We've accomplished this time and time again. Let us help you do something similar or your patients, physicians and bottom line.



Recent News

Cascade Medical Center, Cascade, ID - Spotlight on Growth

Cascade Medical Center, Cascade, ID

Lake District Hospital gets an assist from MRI Mobile to move into their own fixed site MRI system

Lakeview Oregon:

Lakeview is a small rural community in Southern Oregon that has a great american flavor to it. A number of years ago, Lake Ditrict Hospital engaged MRI Mobile to bring state of the art MRI scanning to the community. As with many rural communities, anyone needing an MRI exam had to drive over an hour (one way) to get their exam. At the outset of the MRI Mobile/Hospital partnership relationship the management indicated that eventually they would like to have their own "fixed site" system installed in their planned new hospital facility.

MRI Mobile welcomes New Technologist to the Treasure Valley Region

Mike Hotrum: MRI Mobile is pleased to announce the hiring of Mike Hotrum, MRI Technologist for the Treasure Valley Idaho area. Mike was born and raised in Pocatello, ID and graduated with his Bachelor's of Science in Radiographic Science in 2011 from Idaho State University. He worked in several small clinics in Pocatello as an x-ray technologist before returning to ISU to complete his MRI training in May, 2014. Mike will be involved with serving our client facilities in the Treasure Valley region of Idaho.

St. Luke’s Magic Valley employs MRI Mobile as MRI “Capacity Bridge”

 Capacity Bridge: Larger hospitals and clinics generally have at least one (1) high field MRI system in their imaging departments. Many times these single units provide enough volume capacity for the first few years of their life. However; as the population of an area grows it is not unusual for the MRI schedule to get “backed up” and for patients and physicians to be faced with ten (10) day to two (2) week delays in getting a patient in for an MRI exam.

This was the situation at St.

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